Create Your Search Engine Campaigns For Your Website’s Visibility

(A Move From Search Engine Optimization campaign to Search Optimization)

If you ask any search engine optimizer, which is more important? Is it visibility or ranking? The answer that most of them will give is “Both”. Getting ranking is critical to the success of a website and business, but equally important is gaining visibility.

Earlier search engine optimization tasks get confined to search engines and online directories present but now it is much more. Today users no longer depend on traditional search engines for information, they go beyond Google for their searches and try their website gets expansive reach.

Expanse landscape to improve the website’s visibility

As the online competition is building up, the focus is on improving visibility while concentrating on the platforms where you will find maximum target audiences like search engines. Today majority of the sharing is happening over social media platforms, much more than social networking. People post their websites and apps where users search via trendy topics, hashtags, and the likes.

While we are used to the term SEO, it is now time that efforts are put on “search optimization” instead of confining to “search engine optimization. Search campaigns should concentrate on search presence instead of showing prominence to search engine results.

Social media optimization

There is already a social media optimization concept to make the same viral. It is all about optimizing searches by social media users over platforms with different search functionalities. These platforms have search features that people use, and brands are also strategizing many social media platforms to achieve long-term success.

Why Social Media Search Matters

Social search uses elements concerning the behavior of users, implicit and explicit to improve the search results within and outside the enterprises. Store these elements as metadata, making social search a kind of metadata mining. It also allows users to remove meaningless or uncertain words or sentences that have no meaning or are without any relevance.

We also need to think of what social engine does not like. It is least concerned over your graphics or confusing layout designs. Instead, these engines scan keywords, including internal links, backlines, and rank popularity dependent on what other users think is worthy of consideration.

Getting on social media results is crucial for brands, and following are the reasons:

  • Social media platforms have kept some part of their budget to improve their functionality, which could make social search results improve over time.
  • People are more and more found on different social media platforms instead of search engines. Though Google is still important, search has increased its usage.
  • Gen Z users spend 5 hours every week on Instagram.
  • Social search results have other filters like services, hashtags, companies, jobs, people, events, etc. Hence the results that you will get will be more targeted and refined.
  • Social platforms also concentrate on local business and discoverability.
  • As social media results get the content from posts and through the interactivity of social media users, you can find less spam than typical search engine results.
  • Quality of the content is of great value and importance when people speak about their products, services, and brands on social media.
  • Search engine results help gain more information and can also get influence. People of different age groups can use new trends in social media. However, getting the gist of search engines and adapting to techniques on search engines can be more challenging.

Search Features on Social media platforms


Twitter uses the search function in different ways helping its users find tweets, search queries, or hashtags. Here users can also involve in conversations on the news, services, products, and other personal interests.

It also has an FAQ page about search results shown on Twitter.


Through Linkedin, professionals connect and share with the vast network of companies, professionals, and groups. It also has filters to help narrow your search to get more relevant results. However, it is crucial to get found in the search results.


Experts anticipate that by 2025, the user base of Instagram can increase to 2.44 billion, amounting to around 31.2 % of global internet users. Its content is in the form of videos, reels, live conversations, stories, etc. A growing platform, you cannot simply ignore it, especially if you need your presence in front of Gen Z.


YouTube has focused on these three main elements to give the best search results like:

  • Boosting engagement
  • Ensuring Quality
  • Improving Relevance

Optimizing Youtube means optimizing a website. Through YouTube, your buyers can find your brand.

People are no longer restricted to doing searches on search engines or online directors but have multiple tools at discrete to satiate their need for information. In the future, you can see many popular social media platforms using sophisticated search capabilities. And people are using them to get their actual search engines. The best thing is to optimize for the search where their target audiences are, not only on Google but also on other social media platforms.

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