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Google is the search engine of choice for millions of users. As per research studies, Google receives over 3.5 billion searches per day, with 35% of those being new searches. Therefore, it is not surprising that Google receives the greatest traffic.

In this digital age, we are all racing to drive more traffic to our websites and enhance conversion rates. Do you want your company’s or product’s name to appear in these searches?

If your business appears on SERP, it’s an efficient way to generate more revenue and expand your business. There is nothing to wonder about when 40% of advertiser revenue is generated by search engine marketing.

There are a variety of possible factors that affect your website’s ranking. Some of the factors, such as Google Search Console, have no direct impact on your website. A tool that can assess your company’s online visibility and organic traffic is Google Search. Webmasters can check search queries, indexing status, crawl issues, and the visibility of websites using it.

Guys, it’s time to lift the curtain on the hidden gems of Google Search Console

1. URL inspector tool

This is an excellent Google Search Console feature that allows you to perform various tasks on your website. You can use it to find the problematic pages on the site, and it allows you to see any web page as Google sees it.

2. Find obscure URL errors like soft 404s

It is completely normal if you have a new website for your business and some of the website URLs do not work. However, you must not take it lightly because the success of your business is heavily reliant on the pages of your website.

The GSC’s coverage section is useful for locating URL errors. The coverage section displays the details of the web page and indicates whether or not the page is indexed.

You can learn more about soft 404 URL errors if you dig a little deeper. This error occurs when the page serves blank or difficult-to-find content. As a result, GSC assists you in detecting such issues, and the GSC coverage section includes four tabs: errors, valid with warnings, valid, and excluded.

3. URL removal tool

Getting rid of unnecessary URLs is critical for your website. So you should be very careful and sure during the use of this tool. Check carefully which pages help you boost your ranking and which don’t. No one wants to remove the pages that carry more traffic.

The URL removal tool gives you three options: temporary removals, outdated content, and safe search filtering. Using this tool on Google Search Console can be difficult for a beginner, so seek professional assistance.

4. Keyword analysis on ranking pages

GSC also helps with more in-depth keyword analysis. Check it out; it’s a fairly simple task. Click on “New” in GSC’s performance section to find the following information. It provides various options for query, page, country, and device. Then you can see valuable insights that you can use to refine your SEO results. Scan the web pages to see which ones need to be improved. This feature enables you to make strategic site decisions.

5. Context

The context is the last tool on the list of GSC tools. There are various methods for identifying indexing issues on web pages, but these may be hampered by other issues. The context file of GSC is associated with issues in the structure and behavior of search engines. It implies that other design issues may interfere with the indexation of your site’s web pages.

Use Google Search Console to find these issues, but be cautious because it may lead to other issues. You can ask questions and follow up with people who know about these issues and their solutions. The resolution of context issues can assist you in improving the overall functionality of your site.

All in all, Google Search Console may appear to be a less preferred SEO tool, but it has some pretty awesome features. This post will teach you about Google Search Console’s hidden secrets. Do you want to learn more about ranking factors? Keep in touch with us. We will bring you the most recent and popular Google ranking guides.

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