For the longest time, the most common question that we often asked is, “How can we market to millennials?”

The wheels are moving now, and our primary objective is to attract a new, content-hungry generation of customers. And the question is, how do we market to Generation Z?

Yes, Generation Z – known as “Zoomers,” or “digital natives” is a distinct group of young adults and teenagers. And if you are thinking about marketing to Gen Z, then trust is important. Gen Z consumers make purchasing decisions based on trust.

Now, the question on the board is

“Is Gen Z hard to market?”

Aesthetically, as a business owner, our primary goal is to reach the largest audience possible for the best ROI, right? While Millennials are now the largest consumer generation and Baby Boomers have the most money to spend, the power of Gen Z is expanding.

Gen Zers are more innovative, socially and culturally diverse than previous generations, and on course to be the most educated generation. This generation also avoids defining itself, is radically inclusive, and spends time weighing all of its alternatives before making a purchase.

All you have to do is thoroughly grasp your target audience: what their issues are, what they like doing, what they like, what repulses them, and most crucially, what they want from you.

Characteristics of Generation Z:

Diverse: multicultural generation yet.

Open-minded: in various respects, such as acceptance of all sexual orientations.

Gender-neutral: in terms of traditional occupational roles and transgender concerns.

Changemakers: who are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Dreamers: who want to follow their passion.

Independent learners: have the willingness and ability to educate themselves.

Do-gooders: who wish to make a difference.

Let’s come and explore the best practices to market to Gen Z:

Are you ready? Let’s dive below!

Highlight Eye-Catching, Visual Content:

For capturing the attention of younger customers, video and stylish visual content should be a top priority. With so many new applications, social features, and creative filters, anything considered stagnant or “boring” will be rejected by “Zoomers.”

81% of Gen Z think Instagram and YouTube are their favourite platforms. When asked which networks Gen Z would want to see businesses use more of, 56% responded Instagram and 38% said YouTube. So, trying to create short-form videos that use visual effects and music has proven to be marketing gold for influencers and brands alike.

Keep It Short:

Create content that is tailored to a short attention span. Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram, which encourage short videos, are popular among Generation Z.

Remember to create mobile-friendly content as well.

Allow Gen Z to talk to Gen Z:

Communication is key. It’s essential to be able to utilize language that Generation Z can comprehend and relate to—and if you’re not fluent, it’s preferable to learn via immersion.

Try to watch their content, pay attention to their vocabulary, their jokes talks, and every little thing need to observe. Then, slay away.

Make Your Brand More Personal:

Gen Zers do not want a faceless company. Marketers must demonstrate the individuality of their brand. Consider a YouTube star or Vine personality – as Gen Z follows them most.

Be Transparent:

As mentioned above, TRUST is the most important factor. So, remember that Zoomers are looking for the truth only.

As a result, the reputation of your brand is extremely vital to this generation of customers. But the best part is that if you do make a mistake, they will welcome you with open arms if you accept responsibility, are upfront, and are willing to reform.

Focus on Positivity:

Gen Z values teamwork, focusing on good experiences and donating to charitable organizations. If they select a certain brand, it is because that firm performs an amazing job of doing wonderful things that benefit a group of people in need. That is why companies like Bombas are so successful. One pair of socks or clothing items is provided for every pair purchased to help people in need. Those feel-good moments are significant because they foster a connection and affinity with the brand.

Influencer Marketing:

We know you know this.

But we trying to say that you try a slightly different approach. Rather than simply paying the influencer to distribute your goods, make the influencer the focal point of a strategy in and of itself.

Influencer marketing may help your firm reach a bigger audience because of its large following. They already have a loyal following and may assist raise brand recognition by improving your advertising results.

So, there are no scripts, only authenticity, transparency, and fun.

Let’s get Ready for Gen Z:

Gen Z is a forward-thinking generation. They introduce a new set of demands for the businesses from whom they purchase. You must win their trust because they must believe in both your product and your mission. Only then will Gen Z reward you with their attention and loyalty. They have great standards, but we believe it is a positive development.

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