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Social media is like a mysterious beast that you can never completely understand. You know you need it, but you’re not sure how to use it or what it’s intended to do.

You should treat social media engagement like a dinner party, greeting visitors, and promoting conversation between the host and the guests.

Your engagement on social media is important, so let’s focus on it.

According to statics, there are 4.59 million users on social media. Have ever thought that even though why isn’t your strategy getting any engagement? Every single organization, brand, and even out people there has a profile on different social media platforms. Although everyone is familiar with social media they usually don’t have the right mindset.

When it comes to driving growth, one of the most common issues that you may have come across is that businesses using social media seem like a breeze. Yes, they don’t have any real plan. Just hoping that their posts will somehow catch fire.

Guys, if you think so, it doesn’t work. Without knowing your audience or having a strategy in place, your posts will go unnoticed in an increasingly crowded market.

Look, Social media is not a game of chance. It’s a strategy game that’s been carefully planned. So, without further ado.

Here are seven reasons why your social media presence isn’t generating any interaction:

Let’s Dive Below!

Content isn’t optimized:

The first and foremost thing that you should keep in your mind is that not every strategy works on every platform. Yes, it is possible that what works on Twitter may not work on Facebook.

For example, on LinkedIn, we find that we get the most followers and interactions when we create content for LinkedIn without a link to our website.

You’ll have to determine what works best for each platform. Customize your plan, and then publish content to each of those channels.

Using Cross-Platform Automated Posts:

Today, several social media scheduling tools enable you to automate your postings across various channels. This means you can easily share the same information across all of your social media platforms with a few clicks.

This strategy offers benefits. For one, it saves you time. However, because your postings will not be customized for each platform, your social media engagement may suffer.

Not Adding a CTA:

On social advertisements, the average click-through rate is merely 1.3%. Why? Because most companies do not place a premium on having a compelling call to action in their postings. Something that motivates users to take the next step. So, not only do you need a call to action, but it must be relevant to the video, post, or image.

Too Much Text:

Do you recognize what people enjoy looking at? Pictures. Indeed, 68% of social media users prefer image-based postings over text-based posts. It’s not just visuals either. Why not make use of videos? They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A video, in my opinion, is worth 10,000 words. A video can not only truly nail out the message but trying to describe it.

Buying Followers:

A huge following is meaningless if they aren’t engaged with you. That is why purchasing followers — or even likes — is a waste of money. Platforms will also penalize you for this. On social media, this is a tremendous error.

You must have genuine and engaging followers who care or like something about your brand. Buying followers may appear good on your profile, but it won’t help your social media engagement. It is preferable to have a thousand followers who are interested in your product than 10,000 who are not.

The Customer Service Approach Is Lacking:

Another biggest truth of social media platforms is customers unfollow businesses on social media because of poor customer service.

And it’s not just about saying, “Hey, I want to help you because “I want you to buy my product or service.”

You want to help others because you care about them. You want to assist them in achieving their goals. And the only way to accomplish so is to go the additional mile and truly help individuals, regardless of whether they can purchase your service or product. You’re doing it because you care.

This is it! Hope this blog will help you to improve your social media engagement. If you need help with your social media marketing, consult with our digital marketing experts. If you also have any questions, leave a comment below, we’re here to help.

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