Clubhouse, Twitch and Twitter are some of the apps increasing in popularity since last year, and that is with all good old things like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter this list of social media platforms is increasing, giving tough time to the marketing community.

Businesses are more concerned about which platform to use, which offers the highest ROI and where maximum audiences are hanging out. As the social landscape is changing, the team surveyed more than 500 marketers to find the challenges social media marketers can face in the coming years and to what extent they are prepared.

Alexis Ohanian, Reddit co-founder talks about the social media landscape. “The landscape changes incredibly fast, so you need to be more open-minded and nimble while keeping up with it”, He is quite right.

Competition is also so intense across industries now as brands are inclined to capture more than 71 % of consumers who are spending much time on social media.

The following points will raise your eyes on the upcoming trends in Social media efforts:

Decrease in engagement rates and fewer post interactions

It is no secret that engagement in social media has been towards a downward trend. Bands and users on a network mean that you are competing to seek the attention of followers and customers. After all, there are so many interactions. A decrease in engagement rate is a phenomenon on Facebook and Twitter, and their impact is on Instagram. The solution lies in thoroughly assessing your posts and trying to find common threads in these posts. Generate user-generated content campaigns and consider collaborating with influencers and brands.

Finding which platform to use to market your brand

Marketers say, their biggest challenge is determining the platform they should invest their time and resources. Many popular social media platforms are not best for your brand or to meet your business goals so it gets difficult finding the apps or platforms you should choose to include in your marketing strategy. Finding the right platform depends on the audiences you have and where they intend to spend their time on social media.

Alternatively, you will also consider the type of content your audience prefers. For instance, by studying or researching, you have found that your buyer enjoys video content, then you will have to use video hosting apps like TikTok, Instagram stores, Youtube etc.

It all boils down to the social media objectives when choosing your platform.

Make Yourself Stand Out Against Competition

It seems that you do not have much of a share of voice. It is a metric that determines your place in the market. As pointed many industries are so overcrowded and have huge competition that they see no other than creating a beautiful space, which means trying hard to stand beyond the crowd. These are from legacy brands to established players staking their claim as up and coming companies. All boils down to creating your identity instead of obsessing over others.

  • Its solution lies in creating a promotional strategy around engaging customers
  • Creating a distinct brand voice
  • Allowing employees to boost your brand’s content and reach beyond your account.

Spending too much time juggling across multiple social platforms

Notifications, messages and content deadlines, this list continues to grow. If you try to create your presence felt across different platforms, fear of loss in productive hours is one of the major challenges. If you are across multiple platforms, it means cross-posting and replaying comments across the channels. But never do this without forming any strategy, or else you have all the more chances to get burned out. So, to save time and hassle of working across social platforms, you can use the tools that allow you to consolidate and collaborate across different channels.

Finding ideas for new content is the biggest challenge

Studies state that around 23 % of markets consider finding ideas for new content the major challenge. It can get tricky to pitch in new ideas for social platforms, especially when platforms feel overcrowded with content. While it is not an exhaustive idea, here are a few social media content suggestions:

  • Post your blog on your Instagram stories
  • Start a poll on Instagram
  • Share User-generated content on Twitter
  • Create and share website content

Brands using social media operate with influencers to generate content and with the maximum of TikTok influencers being Gen Z, they can contemplate how their content can stand out and improve your brand’s engagement figures.

These are just a few challenges, but there could be many more hidden ones so taking the time to brainstorm and find unique solutions is the best move. It will help level your strategy for this year and beyond. Contact the experienced Engage Coder, a company that will help businesses face challenges. We will help you operate more like entertainment companies, party planners or publishers than as traditional advertisers.

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