As digital marketer, we should always keep ourselves updated with the latest social media trends and other remarkable aspects of these channels. These trends are making rounds all over the internet. So, put your phone down, and spend some time reading the about the trends and what all is happening in social media.

YouTube allows adding location tagging in the short upload process

YouTube is taking initiative to help users add more context to their shorts clips, and with the incorporation of location tagging within the upload flow in the app. YouTube which was earlier seen as the high quality and long-form of video content online. However, with apps like TikTok and Instagram getting popular and trendy with their short-form videos, YouTube also want ed it to get incorporated. Started on September 14, 2020, YouTube Shorts has quickly become a phenomenon today.

These are a way for creators of YouTube to share catchy, short-type videos with their audiences.

Instagram to offer audience-targeted Instagram ads

It is heart-elevating and can surprise you! Instagram is offering audience targeting for Instagram ads (ads running through Facebook), an apt way to brand and market to users who are already following them on Instagram, push through bottom-of-funnel marketing, and increase audiences and conversion rates.

With the increase of usage of the social media site called BeReal, Instagram is in the early phase of experimenting with the same functionality. It is about posting stories with the front and rear cameras in an intriguing way. Instagram has historically been one of the major platforms to decide this type of content. Also understanding about filtered images and curated captions and content can make one’s life enjoyable. And as winds are changing, Instagram is also thinking along these lines.

Meta Announced a New Update

Meta has announced a new update for its Accounts center, which can make it easy to manage your privacy settings across Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook in a single place. The Center has all the information from all three different apps, and which is your password, personal details, ad preferences, and security. It will allow you to review and update your preferences without opting for different elements in each platform.

Twitter Presented New Timeline

Twitter to roll out and present its new timeline option, which allow users to switch between the main algorithm feed and a chronological one. Twitter tweets, “See the Tweets you want to see. Swipe between tabs to see Tweets recommended “For you” or Tweets from the accounts you’re “Following.”

Trending Audio is out, and Videos are about storytelling.

Now it will be no more about social media frills but more about storytelling. It is like using multiple apps to create clever edits. Best is to have your video stand out from sea of copycats and expect to see the rise in brands creating popular audio, placing a unique spin on it, and creating a blog type of content.

Storytelling risks can change the rates they do, as it is all about developing communicative skills with your audience. A good script can make viewers cry, laugh, and feel nervous and also happy in 30 seconds.

UGC Creators continue to rule

You will be surprised to know that the hashtag #ugc creator has more than 110 M views, and if you find the term “UGC creator” popped on your feed, you are not alone. Unlike influencers who must increase their community and audiences before starting to work with brands, UGC creators do not need followers and are not obliged to show their faces. They create content that they intend to share on the brand account.

Not all brands have content creators to bank on, and here the role of UGCs comes in. These creators get paid to create content.

There are many more updates and happenings in the social media stream. So, keep tuned and get in touch with the social media team at Engage Coders, to apply what is latest and give your digital marketing initiative a push.

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