Elon Musk’s $44 billion (£38.1 billion) takeover of Twitter was likely one of the biggest highlights of the tech world in 2022. Now that the Chief Executive Officer of Twitter has been in charge for about three months in its San Francisco headquarters, it will be interesting to see what new he has brought to Twitter.

Since it is Musk who is changing the dynamics of this social media platform, it is no surprise to see that Twitter has been in the headlines. We all know who Musk is and what he thinks of social media platforms, so seeing him make changes to Twitter comes as no surprise.

Since acquiring Twitter, Musk has made controversial decisions such as reinstating a banned account of Donald Trump and firing 50% of the workforce. But no one really talks about how Musk’s decisions have affected the 237 active Twitter users.

So, without further ado, let’s go over this post we’ve compelled to show you how Elon Musk’s Twitter looks after his takeover:

Pushing more curated content to users

The first and most noticeable change Twitter users can notice is when scrolling through tweets or posts in their timeline. There is a new option to choose your feed, either from Twitter or from people you follow.

This move by Twitter has been met with criticism, as many users are having difficulty seeing tweets that they would like to see. Several users have complained that the new feed shows nothing of their interests but rather Twitter recommendations.

Because it is a relatively new feature or move by Twitter, we can’t predict how Twitter users will react to it in the future.

Welcoming back banned Twitter accounts on the platform

The return of several infamously banned Twitter accounts has been the most contentious change witnessed by Twitter users in the last three months. Twitter has reinstated accounts previously banned for violating its policies, including those of Andre Tate and Donald Trump.

Changes in Twitter’s verified account and subscriber tick

Can you remember when a blue tick sign on Twitter indicated a verified account? We believe you can, but things have changed! A blue tick on Twitter now indicates a subscriber rather than a verified account. In fact, Twitter has given recognized accounts a silver or gold tick. Check Rishi Sunak’s Twitter account with a silver tick and Coca-Cola’s Twitter account with a gold tick.

These three changes should be familiar to Twitter’s 237 million active users. Whether appreciated and welcomed by users or not, Musk has made some headline-grabbing decisions about how his platform will serve its users.

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